Here are a few testimonies to get you started …

“Thanks for all your help in organizing such a unique trip. As you know by now, it went really, really well. I got so many great pictures that it will take months to sort through them all, still that’s all worthwhile for reviewing the memories! I seriously would go right back again if the chance came again, ideally I would like to get up to the mountains in the far north or out to the East coast (let me know when more towns and places out that way ipen up to western tourists) hope to see you again in Pyongyang before too long!”
S. Fox, New Jersey USA, 2007

“Absolutely amazing – That is by far the weirdest place I have ever been to. It is truly unique – like no other place anywhere. The guides were also great. Have to say we also had quite an interesting group of fellow travelers on the tour – it was a real group of punters – made the whole thing even better. I would certainly go back again. The trip was beyond all of my wildest expectations. If I can get a group together of a few people, I will try to come back again if Arirang is repeated.”
M. Nelson, California USA, 2008

“It was a tremendous experience!! It was a close call but you fellows were miracle workers. The visit was more exciting and interesting than I had anticipated. Hotel and food were better than expected. Arirang, Children’s Art Institute, and circus were amazing. We actually went to Arirang twice! I hope they keep the door open for awhile so more people can visit before it all goes away. I feel sorry for the people, but it is a unique tourist destination. They could definitely generate some serious revenue from tourism if they wanted to. Thanks again for offering the tour and for getting me into the country.”
J. Tatge, Minnesota USA, 2009

“I am still smiling! I loved the enthusiasm of the group. I loved the terribly cautious and polite requests for permission to take a photograph, and then, when given, the mad, wild, happy snapping! I have never seen a group so enjoy everything! The guys were even snapping the plates of food! The day we got the “bad news” – that the bookshop was closed, but then the “good news” – that we could photograph the traffic warden and all the guys leapt up and ran out of the bus to the corner and snapped away – that was hilarious!”
C. Carolan, Cavan Ireland, 2010

“I’m now back in the US after finishing my tour of China. However, the highlight of my trip to the Far East was definitely the Korean section. Thanks for making the preparations for the trip pretty painless. As I said to you back home, the relaxed and informal way that New Korea Tours appears to work, together with your efficiency, make a very good combination. For me, the best part was seeing the Mass Games in the stadium, the colors, co-ordination and sheer numbers were amazing. However, for an unforgettable introduction, the first morning, when we went up to Mangyongdae with the roads lined with thousands of children was hard to beat. Once again thanks for making the holiday what it was and keep up the good work. Best Wishes”
R. Chagnon, Connecticut USA, 2011

“My October 2012 trip to North Korea was unlike any other experience I have ever had.  I mean, it actually beat hands down the trip I took back in 1987 to East Berlin before the wall fell.  You will never really know the value of this trip and the impact it will have on you until you have actually gone.  This trip to North Korea takes you literally into another world.”
M. Lekowski, Washington USA, 2012 

“Everything that was promised by New Korea Tours happened and then some.   I got to go to the Mass Games twice, the rest place of Kim Il Sung, the DMZ as well as city tours of Pyongang which even included a trip on the underground subway at rush hour.   We toured museums, city monuments, the Juche Tower and the captured United States spy boat that actually sits right in the middle of Pyongang.   The thing that you have to be well prepared for on this trip is a go-go mentality as you are busy from the time you land until the time you leave.  You will certainly get your monies worth.”
P. Richardsen, Vienna Austria, 2013

“The thing that is so hard to explain and get across to people is how safe you feel the entire trip.  Your hotel is great, your guides are extremely polite and at no-time do you feel in danger of anything.  Yes, the day before we left to Pyongang from China, I was a bit nervous, but I can tell you it goes away the second you land at the airport.   The North Koreans are extremely friendly and curious.  They smile and wave if you do.  Your tour-guides are used to Americans by now and feel very comfortable in their jobs.”
M. Scott, Surrey UK, 2014

“You can choose to take a trip to places around the world that everyone has been to or at-least has the chance to or you can take a trip to a place like North Korea.    I have been to 27 countries so far and North Korea leads the all-time list of exciting experiences.    Before this place changes like all other places eventually do, make the commitment to take the ultimate experience.”
J. Myers, North Carolina USA, 2015

“It is  surprisingly easy to go there. Or at least, not as hard as it somehow ought to be. I’d always thought that it was only marginally less difficult than going to the moon, but my amazing revelation is this: type “North Korea” and “tourism” into Google, and you’ll find
New Korea Tours, a USA, Connecticut-based travel firm. A couple of clicks and a certain amount of cash later, and you, too, could find yourself on a Russian jetliner heading towards the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”
M. Kentera, Belgrade, Serbia, 2016