Masik Pass Skiing optional extension (2 nights)

Newly opened first major ski resort in the DPRK, the Masik Pass Ski Resort, features 9 main runs and two beginners slopes. Be among the first foreign visitors and stay at the newly opened and very well equipped hotel, a very nice place to stay (has not available elsewhere in DPRK internet too for anyone looking to email their friends, or tweet from the middle of North Korea). Be one of the very first visitors to try out this much-reported but little-seen place. Whether you’re a keen skier, snowboarder, or just a fan of the après-ski, this is the tour for you! Let us know when booking if you would like to add this extension to your tour!

The additional itinerary overlaps slightly with the main tour:

AM PM Overnight
Day 0* Activities with the group Activities with the group and then in the late afternoon drive to the Masik Pass ski resort (3.5 hours) Masik Ryong Hotel
Day 1 (normal group departure day) / Skiing Skiing Masik Ryong Hotel
Day 2 Skiing Return to Pyongyang, final meal Yanggakdo Hotel,

*Last day of main tour.


This extension will add 2 nights to the existing tour itinerary; the cost per person will be $490 per person for this extension.
In addition to the tour fee you will have to pay on the spot for your ski pass and for rental of any ski equipment.
A ski pass plus to rent full ski kit (helmet, goggles, gloves, jacket, trousers, skis, poles) is approx. $100 per day.
If you only need some parts of this kit then the cost decreases. Snowboards are also available.