Here are a few basic words in Korean in preparation for your trip. We use guides who are fluent in English and can also arrange guides who can speak Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian and other languages so it will not be necessary for you to speak Korean. Nevertheless it would be a nice touch to speak a word or two. This is to get you started:

Hello Annyonghasimnikga
Goodbye Annyonghi kyeseyo
Please Juseyu
I am sorry/excuse me Myonhamnida
Thank you Khamsahmnida/Gomapsumnida
Yes Ye
No Aniyo
Lavatory Pyonso
How much is this? Iga olma eyo?



1 – Hana
2 – Dul
3 – Sed
4 – Ned
5 – Dasod
6 – Yosod
7 – Ilgop
8 – Yodol
9 – Ahop
10 – Yol
11 – Yol hana
12 – Yol dul
20 – Sumul
21 – Sumul hana
30 – Sorun
40 – Mahun
50 – Suin
60 – Yesun
70 – Irun
80 – Yodun
90 – Hun
100 – Baeg
1000 – Chon


How are you? Pyonanhasimnikga?
Very well, thank you tokbbune kon ganghamnida
May I have your name please? tangsinui irumun muosimnigga?
My name is David Jega David imnida
Good night annyongi chumusipsio
Come in please kiggoi
I wish you good health kon ganghasigirul paramnida
Long live the Juche idea! Juche sansang, Manse!
US imperialism is the number one target in the struggle of the world’s people jeguku inun segye-inmindurui chojjaeganun tujaeng-daesangimnida