Itinerary - Winter Budget Tour

national day short tour

Tue 18th Nov

Bus from office to airport.
PM: Flight JS152 from Beijing to Pyongyang, 13:00 departure, arrive Pyongyang 16:25, meet your Korean guides who will accompany you during your stay. En route to the hotel stop off at the Arch of Triumph - similar to the French version (but bigger) - commemorates the liberation from Japanese rule. Check in hotel.
OVERNIGHT: Ryanggang Hotel, Pyongyang

Wed 19th Nov

AM: Drive to Kaesong
(2.5 hrs) - an historical city near the DMZ which avoided being destroyed in the Korean War, visit the Panmunjom/DMZ - boundary between North and South Korea, Koryo Museum - preserved Confucian museum in the old part of town, stamp shop
PM: Return to Pyongyang, Kim Il Sung Square
(Pyongyang’s largest square in the heart of the city), Pyongyang Metro (extended ride), Golden Lane Bowling Centre - Where Pyongyangers go for the ten-pin fix, also features some 90s arcade games
OVERNIGHT: Ryanggang Hotel, Pyongyang

Thu 20th Nov

AM: Kumsusan Memorial Palace (Mausoleum of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il), Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetery (bronze busts of anti-Japanese heroes), Fountain Park, Mansudae Grand Monument (giant statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il)
PM: Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum (Korean War Museum), USS Pueblo (US spy ship captured in 1968), Drive to Mt. Myohyang (2 hours)
OVERNIGHT: Chongchon Hotel, Mt. Myohyang

Fri 21st Nov

AM: International Friendship Exhibition (giant subterranean halls of gifts to the DPRK’s leaders), Pohyon Buddhist Temple (Historical holy temple that originates from 1042)
PM: Return to Pyongyang, Juche Tower (150m stone monument allowing for stunning views over Pyongyang from the top), Paradise Micro-Brewery & bar
OVERNIGHT: Ryanggang Hotel, Pyongyang

Sat 22nd Nov

Plane option
AM: Flight JS151 from Pyongyang to Beijing, 09:00 departure. arrive Beijing 10:00. End of Tour.

Train option (for non-US citizens)
AM: Train from Pyongyang departs at 10:10AM.
PM: Cross border at Sinuiju/Dandong.
OVERNIGHT: On train.

Sun 23rd Nov

AM: Train arrives Beijing 08:34AM. End of tour.

TOUR COST: $1,490
PRE-TOUR MEETING: Monday 17th November, 4PM, at our office in Beijing
EXPECTED WEATHER: It will be cold during the day and even colder at night. Bring warm clothes. No higher than 10°C.
Room upgrades available – please ask for more information.


  1. Flight Beijing-Pyongyang, plane/train Pyongyang-Beijing
  2. All meals on the tour except on the train out of DPRK – see below
  3. Hotel accommodations in DPRK
  4. All entry fees
  5. Two guides and a driver per group
  6. All transportation in DPRK
  7. Transportation to Beijing airport prior to departure to DPRK.

NOT INCLUDED IN THE TOUR FEE (all payments paid in cash) :

  1. Transportation from your country to Beijing and hotel stay in Beijing
  2. Travel insurance (can be purchased at the pre-tour briefing)
  3. Optional single room supplement of $60 per night (must be booked in advance and can be pre-paid in US with credit card)
  4. Spending money for drinks and souvenirs
  5. DPRK visa fee ($75)
  6. Tip for the guides (approx $7/day)
  7. Meals on the train out of DPRK - (bring your own food or eat dinner and lunch in the buffet car approx $10 per person)
  8. Entry tickets for special events (Revolutionary opera, circus , etc).
  9. The lift up the Juche Tower (approx $6)
  10. Meals will have a complimentary beer but you will have to pay for extra drinks above those provided. If you are vegetarian or have special dietary requirements then please inform us beforehand