Itinerary - Coast to Coast Tour
May 27 - June 3  2017

tour plan Wonsan


The group assembles in our Beijing office for a pre-tour briefing, which will last approximately 1 hour and is designed so that you will get the best out of your tour.

Sat 27th May - ARRIVAL DAY

AM: Meet together outside the office (time to be confirmed) and head to Beijing Airport T2 for our flight from Beijing to Pyongyang (1.5 hrs), the showcase capital of the DPRK
PM: Meet guides who will accompany you during your stay, Arch of Triumph – similar to the French version (but bigger)

OVERNIGHT: Yanggakdo Hotel, Pyongyang


AM: Our first visit is to the Kumsusan Memorial Palace of the Sun,where North Korean leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il lie in state. Next we take a short drive to the Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetery. Here, you will see superb individually- crafted bronze busts of the country’s anti-Japanese heroes, including one of Kim Jong Suk (the mother of Kim Jong Il). We then visit the Foreign Languages Bookshop and take a leisurely stroll through the streets of Pyongyang. On our journey, we walk through the heart of the city, and stop by Kim Il Sung Square. This is where the capital’s mass dances take place and the military parades pass through.
PM: First stop of the afternoon is a tour of the Grand People’s Study House. Supposedly stocked with over 3 million books, this enormous library/place of study has a great view over Kim Il Sung Square. Next we’ll visit Mangyongdae Native House – the native birthplace of President Kim Il Sung. Next on our itinerary is trolley bus ride around the city, in some of the classic 1950s vehicles that still ply their trade on the streets of the DPRK capital. After that we’ll have a tour of the classrooms of the Mangyongdae School Children’s Palace including a 1 hour performance. Finally we’ll stop by Kwanggbok Supermarket – a large multi-story shop selling all manner of local and imported goods, see locals shopping and join in, here you can even exchange  money at the market rate (unavailable elsewhere) for local currency to spend in the shop. Take a 2.5-hour drive south to Kaesong, which is a historical city near the DMZ.
OVERNIGHT: Minsok Folk Hotel, Kaesong

Mon 29th May

AM: After breakfast walk through the old and traditional style streets of Kaesong city. Then take a short drive (approx 20 minutes) to Panmunjom/DMZ where North and South Korea continue their decades-old face-off. It is possible to go into one of the huts that straddle the demarcation line and actually cross over into South Korea! This is one of the few places where you can take pictures of (and even with) members of the DPRK military. Next, we head back to Kaesong and visit the Kaesong Koryo Museum, a beautiful old Confucian University, to learn about the history of the area. The stamp shop here is excellent too. Lunch is a traditional pansanggi meal – something like Korean tapas. For anyone wanting to supplement their lunch, you’ll also have the opportunity to sample Korea’s famous delicacy: ‘sweetmeat soup’ (aka dog meat; costs EUR 5)
PM: After lunch we drive back to Pyongyang. Walk along newly built Mirae (Future) Street. Then Drive 1 hour to West Coast city of Nampo.
OVERNIGHT: Dragon River Hot Spa Hotel, Nampo

Tue 30th May - NAMPO

AM: Chongsan-Ri Co-operative Farm, the DPRK’s most famous farm which was visited a number of times by the President Kim Il Sung. Kangso Mineral Water Factory, where you can see naturally-carbonated water being bottled. West Sea Barrage, an 8km-long dam separating the Taedong river from the West Sea of Korea. Picnic lunch at Wau Pleasure Ground.
PM: Return to Pyongyang, Munsu Waterpark (10 EUR entrance fee for swimming)
OVERNIGHT: Yanggakdo Hotel, Pyongyang 

Wed 31st May - WONSAN

Drive to Wonsan via Tomb of King Tongmyong, Rest stop at Sinpyong Lake
Wonsan City Square and Docks, Kangwon Province Art Gallery, Songdowon seaside Schoolchildren’s Camp - where Korean children and from several friendly countries spend some weeks in summer, playing and learning, Evening walk along pier.
Dongmyong Hotel, Wonsan

Thu 1st June -TONGCHON

Drive to Tongchon (1 hour). Chongsokjong (seaside columnar basalt formation), Rest stop at Sijung Lake Beach
PM: Drive to Sokwang-sa for late picnic lunch. Consam-ri Co-operative farm. Return to Wonsan.
Dongmyong Hotel, Wonsan


Return to Pyongyang via Masik Pass Resort. Explore famous and only full service ski resort.
Upon return it’s time for a well deserved drink at Taedonggang No3 Microbrewery and bar. Our farewell dinner will be in Pyongyang’s own Pizza Restaurant!

Sat 3rd June - DEPARTURE DAY

AM: The flight departs Pyongyang at 09:00 and arrives in Beijing at approx 10:00am. The train departs Pyongyang at 10:40am and arrives in Beijing at approx 08:30am next morning. End of tour.

TOUR COST: $2,290
DPRK VISA FEE: $75 (to be paid at the pre-tour meeting)
PRE-TOUR MEETING: Friday 26th May, 4PM, at our office in Beijing
EXPECTED WEATHER: It will be cool in the morning and evening but warm during the day, around 20-25°C so bring layers.
Room upgrades available – please ask for more information.


  1. Flight Beijing-Pyongyang, plane/train Pyongyang-Beijing
  2. All meals on the tour except on the train out of DPRK – see below
  3. Hotel accommodations in DPRK
  4. All entry fees
  5. Two guides and a driver per group
  6. All transportation in DPRK
  7. Transportation to Beijing airport prior to departure to DPRK.

NOT INCLUDED IN THE TOUR FEE (all payments paid in cash) :

  1. Transportation from your country to Beijing and hotel stay in Beijing
  2. Travel insurance (can be purchased at the pre-tour briefing)
  3. Optional single room supplement of $60 per night (must be booked in advance and can be pre-paid in US with credit card)
  4. Spending money for drinks and souvenirs
  5. DPRK visa fee ($75)
  6. Tip for the guides (approx $7/day)
  7. Meals on the train out of DPRK - (bring your own food or eat dinner and lunch in the buffet car approx $10 per person)
  8. Entry tickets for special events (Revolutionary opera, circus , etc).
  9. The lift up the Juche Tower (approx $6)
  10. Meals will have a complimentary beer but you will have to pay for extra drinks above those provided. If you are vegetarian or have special dietary requirements then please inform us beforehand