Itinerary – Mysterious Korea Tour with
domestic charter flights to Mt. Paekdu/Mt. Chilbo

September 10-24 2019



4PM: The group assembles in our Beijing office for a pre-tour briefing, which will last approximately 1 hour and is designed so that you will get the best out of your tour.


Tue 10 Sep – ARRIVAL DAY

Meet together outside the office (time to be confirmed) and head to Beijing Airport T2 for our flight from Beijing to Pyongyang (1.5 hrs), the showcase capital of the DPRK

PM: Meet guides who will accompany you during your stay, Arch of Triumph – similar to the French version (but bigger)
OVERNIGHT: Yanggakdo Hotel, Pyongyang


Wed 11 Sep – HAMHUNG

Drive to the east coast of the country. After about 2 hrs we stop at Sinpyong Lake where there is a rest house with bathrooms and refreshments. Ulim Waterfalls, where we stop for a picnic lunch.
PM: Continue to Hamhung , DPRK’s second largest city. It is a largely industrial area but has some beautiful coastline. Hamhung Grand Theatre and the statues of leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. Ancient Home of Ri Song Gye, the founder of the Ri Dynasty.
OVERNIGHT: Majon Guesthouse, Hamhung

Thu 12 Sep – HAMHUNG

Back to Hamhung city, Hungnam Fertiliser Factory to see some local DPRK industry. We then drive 2.5 hours to Pujon County, which has some amazing views of North Korean countryside.
PM: Stone River, a volcanic cascade of giant rocks running all the way down the mountainside. Drive to the top of the mountain to see a well-known revolutionary site. Return to Hamhung over the mountain roads.
OVERNIGHT: Majon Guesthouse, Hamhung

Fri 13 Sep – WONSAN

AM: Drive to Wonsan,
stopping off at Tongbong Cooperative Farm, where we get an introduction to how cooperative farming works in the DPRK. Wonsan Agricultural University, the most important agricultural university in the country.
PM: Songdowon Schoolchildren’s Camp. This is where talented schoolchildren come between April and October to learn outdoor education skills such as camping.Wonsan Central Square and Art Gallery. Walk along the city pier before dinner.
OVERNIGHT: Dongmyong Hotel, Wonsan

Sat 14 Sep – MT KUMGANG

Drive south approximately 2 hours to the Mt Kumgang area. Upon arrival we take a short walk round Samil Lagoon before having lunch at Mokran Restaurant which is located at the foot of the Kuryong (Nine Dragon) Waterfalls.
PM: We will hike around 2 hours along pathways alongside waterfalls to the first main waterfall. You can take this at your own pace as we will spend a couple of hours in the area so go as fast or as slow as you like. There will be several shuttles back to the hotel and also the option to go to a nearby spa if hiking is not your thing.
OVERNIGHT: Kumgangsan Hotel, Mt Kumgang

Sun 15 Sep

: After breakfast we will drive back along the coast to Wonsan for lunch stopping and visit city docks and Central Square, also we will visit the city’s Wonsan Old Railway Station.
PM: We will drive back to Pyongyang (4 hrs with a lunch break at the Sinpyong Resthouse halfway). Upon arrival in Pyongyang we’ll visit Mangyongdae’s Schoolchildren’s Palace to watch a performance by the talented children that take extracurricular classes and have a tour of the classrooms. We’ll have drinks at Paradise Micro-brewery and Bar and then dinner in a local restaurant.
OVERNIGHT: Yanggakdo Hotel, Pyongyang

Mon 16 Sep – MT PAEKDU

: Flight to Mt. Paekdu, drive to the mountain, ascend to the highest peak in Korea, panoramic views and a picnic at the crater lake. Here we will have stunning views over the area and of the mirror-like Lake Chon, the highest crater lake in the world. We will spend around 2 hours in the area.
PM: Paekdusan secret camp (official birthplace of Kim Jong Il), beautiful Rimjongsu Waterfalls, Samji town tour.
OVERNIGHT: Pegaebang Hotel, Mt. Paekdu

Tue 17 Sep – MT CHILBO

: Samjiyon Grand Monument (giant array of statues telling the story of the guerrilla army in the mountains), to airport, flight to Orang airport, drive to Mt. Chilbo area
PM: Tour of the mountain range, multiple peaks and rock formations, stunning views and scenery, local beach and homestay village (the only place it is possible to stay with locals in the whole country)
OVERNIGHT: Homestay Village, Mount Chilbo.

Wed 18 Sep – MT CHILBO – Homestay Village

: Hiking to Kangson Gate | A morning hike to Kangson Gate, a rock archway overlooking the sea.
PM: Local games, boating, and picnic at homestay village | The only place in the DPRK where foreigners can stay with a local families.
OVERNIGHT: Homestay Village, Mount Chilbo.

Thu 19 Sep – CHONGJIN

: Drive to Chongjin. We’ll leave Mount Chilbo by way of the scenic coastal road (weather permitting) that leads to Kyongsong and Chongjin, DPRK’s 3rd largest city and a major industrial centre on the North East Coast
PM: Chongjin Revolutionary Museum which details the history of the area, Central Square and Kim Il Sung StatueSteelworks Kindergarten catering to the children of steelworkers. Here we will tour round a few classrooms and view a performance put on by the children. Fisherman’s Club for nightlife – bar, billiards, restaurant, and sauna for merchant mariners visiting the Chongjin Port.
OVERNIGHT: Chongjin Foreigners’ Lodging, Chongjin

Fri 20 Sep – HOERYONG

: drive to Hoeryong – famous for being the birthplace of Mother Kim Jong Suk – the wife of Kim Il Sung and mother of Kim Jong Il.
PM: Statue of Kim Jong Suk where we will lay flowers down and pay our respects. Native Birthplace Cottage where she was born and spent the early years of her childhood. Revolutionary Museum which tells of Kim Jong Suk’s exploits during the anti-Japanese struggle, Local Middle School named after her younger brother Kim Ki Sung. We’ll have a look around the city that only opened to tourists in 2012.
OVERNIGHT: Hoeryong Hotel, Hoeryong


: Drive back to Chongjin and visit the North Hamgyong Province E- Library, stop at the newly renovated Regional Library and Chongjin Foodstuff’s Factory. Chongjin trolleybus  ride.
PM: Drive to Orang airport for 1 hour return flight to Pyongyang.
OVERNIGHT: Yanggakdo Hotel, Pyongyang


Pyongyang Central Zoo | Newly renovated zoological gardens at the foot of Mt. Taesong featuring animals from Korea and abroad (many donated from friendly African leaders), as well as displays about natural scientists, dinosaurs, etc. Very popular with local families on Sundays. Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetery | Hilltop cemetery with dozens of bronze busts of those who took part in the liberation of Korea from Japanese colonial rule. It is customary to present flowers here (€). At the top of the hill are the graves of Kim Jong Suk (wife of Kim Il Sung) and Kim Chaek (his right-hand man).
PM: Science and Technology Centre | Newly built atom-shaped educational facility, library, computer lab, and exhibition of the latest developments in science and technology for students of all ages, educators, and researchers alike. United Front Monument | Located near the new Sci-Tech complex, this monument tells visitors about the short-lived 1940s movement that included Communist organizations in South Korea as well as their ideological partners in the North. Pizza Restaurant | Dinner at one of Pyongyang’s Italian eateries (there are three). Pizzas range between 5-12 EUR each. Future Scientists Street | Walk in the newly built residential district for scientists and academics to view its unique modern architecture.
Overnight | Yanggakdo International Hotel, Pyongyang


Drive to Hoechang, a 3-4 hour drive. Cemetery for the Martyrs of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army  | Built in the 1950s (renovated in 2010) and opened by Zhou Enlai. Scenic Chinese hillside cemetery with domed tombs of 134 Chinese soldiers. Including a bust and tomb of Mao Anying; the Chairman’s son.
PM:  Songhung Revolutionary Site | Drive past the giant zinc factory to the wartime base of the Volunteer Army. Caves and tunnels, buildings from the period used by the soldiers and by Kim Il Sung when he visited to thank them for assistance. Return to Pyongyang. Duck Barbecue Restaurant | South Pyongyang’s famous grilled duck restaurant that has seen many teary-eyed farewells.
Overnight | Yanggakdo International Hotel, Pyongyang


: The flight leaves Pyongyang at 09:00 and gets back to Beijing at approx 10:00. The train departs at 10:40 and gets back to Beijing at 08:30 next morning. End of Tour

TOUR COST: $3,590
DPRK VISA FEE: $75 (to be paid at the pre-tour meeting)
PRE-TOUR MEETING: Monday 9 September, 4PM, at our office in Beijing
EXPECTED WEATHER: It will be hot and and humid around this time with possible rain showers, around 20-25° C Raincoat/umbrella advised! Also, bring warmer clothes for Mt Paekdu and Chilbo as it will be colder up there.
Room upgrades available – please ask for more information.


  1. Flight Beijing-Pyongyang, train Pyongyang-Beijing
  2. All meals on the tour except on the train out of DPRK – see below
  3. Hotel accommodations in DPRK
  4. All entry fees
  5. Two guides and a driver per group
  6. All transportation in DPRK
  7. Transportation to Beijing airport prior to departure to DPRK.

NOT INCLUDED IN THE TOUR FEE (all payments paid in cash) :

  1. Transportation from your country to Beijing and hotel stay in Beijing
  2. Optional flight return Pyongyang-Beijing $100 surcharge extra
  3. Travel insurance (can be purchased at the pre-tour briefing)
  4. Optional single room supplement of $60 per night (must be booked in advance and can be pre-paid in US with credit card)
  5. Spending money for drinks and souvenirs
  6. DPRK visa fee ($75)
  7. Tip for the guides (approx $7/day)
  8. Meals on the train out of DPRK – (bring your own food or eat dinner and lunch in the buffet car approx $10 per person)
  9. Tickets to special events (Revolutionary opera, circus , etc).
  10. The lift up the Juche Tower (approx $6)
  11. Meals will have a complimentary beer but you will have to pay for extra drinks above those provided. If you are vegetarian or have special dietary requirements then please inform us beforehand