Optional Extensions


Dandong 1 or 2 night extension

Available only with train return from DPRK

Can be combined with Sinuiju extension

Dandong; a fascinating city on the Chinese side of the Yalu river, facing across to Sinuiju, your point of exit from DPRK after the tour. Instead of returning directly to Beijing we are pleased to offer a one and two-day fully-guided extensions to the tour to take in all the sights of Dandong on a special North Korea-themed extension. It is still not possible for US citizens to leave the DPRK by train. See below for costs.

Day 1 PM: Train from DPRK arrives at Dandong station around 17:30. Transfer to hotel. Dinner in local Chinese restaurant.

Day 2 AM: Visit the Great Wall at Tiger Mountain – the most eastern part which overlooks North Korea. Either take a boat trip (RMB 20) at the ‘one metre hop’ the narrowest point between China and DPRK (it is possible to see Korean People’s Army border guards up close, just a few metres away), or hike up the wall for great views. Next visit the snappily-named ‘Museum of War to Resist America and Aid Korea’ otherwise known as the Korean war museum, which charts the events which led to the deployment of over 2 million Chinese ‘volunteers’ to Korea in 1950. Compare and contrast the Chinese side of the story with the Korean version of events as well as that taught in the west. Stunning city views are afforded by the hilltop location of the museum which is situated on the site of Chinese Volunteer Army supreme commander Peng De Huai’s base prior to moving into Korea. Lunch is at a North Korean restaurant with singing and dancing waitresses.

Day 2 PM: Boat trip on Yalu River – sweep in and out of North Korean waters – great for photos! Walk along the ‘Broken Bridge’ which runs parallel to the Friendship bridge over the Yalu river connecting the two countries. Half destroyed by the US air force in the Korean War, the broken bridge extends to exactly the halfway point between China and DPRK. All manner of North Korean goodies can be bought in the area, from badges and cigarettes to currency and other knick-knacks. Pose for photos at the giant red Chairman Mao statue outside the railway station before boarding the overnight sleeper for Beijing, 4-berth soft sleeper beds carry you to China’s capital overnight for an 08:30 arrival the next day.

We are pleased to offer an extension to the Dandong optionanother 24 hour period in one of the most fascinating parts of China giving you the chance to explore some of the China/DPRK border area, up and down the Yalu/Amnok River.

Day 3 AM: After a second night in Dandong we will head off driving up the riverside road making several stops at points where the river that separates the two countries narrows and where there are DPRK settlements on the other side, great for photos and for staring across a physically narrow border but one which in all other ways seems so much greater. Across the river lie some operational bridges for trade between the two sides and some remnants of bridges used in the past and destroyed during the Korean War in the 1950s. Visit the Hekou broken bridge which was crossed by the Chinese Volunteer Army (including Chairman Mao’s son, who never crossed back again and is buried in North Korea to this day) and several other fascinating viewing areas. We will continue up the river until we reach the giant Shui Feng Hu dam, shared by both China and the DPRK, this generates electrical power for both sides. The difference between the electricity infrastructure on both sides of the river is stark, and we will get as close as possible, even going down to the river itself for photo opportunities of the town just a hundred metres away. Lunch is in a local village restaurant.

Day 3 PM: Visit the Taipingwan dam, another shared facility between China and the DPRK, and the rural town also known as Taipingwan, before taking a thrilling speedboat trip down a channel of water that separates the DPRK mainland from a large Korean island, as long as you stay in the river then you are legally not in the DPRK (the river itself is a shared border, there is no line in between). Here you will see North Korean villages and a port, soldiers guarding the banks and their facilities, it’s a weird and unforgettable journey. We’ll get back to Dandong in good time for the 18:30 overnight train to Beijing, giving you plenty of time to think about all you’ve experienced before arrival the next day in Beijing at 08:30

Dandong Tour Costs

Group tours

(leaving DPRK by train)

Single Room Supplement

Dandong Tour 1

(24 hours extension to the tour, 1 night in Dandong and 1 on the train)

USD$220 per person USD$60 x 1 night

Dandong Tour 2

(48 hours extension to the tour, 2 nights in Dandong and 1 on the train)

USD$420 per person USD$60 x 2 nights

INCLUDES: above attractions, guides, transport, meals, twin room accommodation at Sunny Resort Hotel

If you are travelling to Dandong during the Chinese May Holiday or the Chinese October Holiday then there will be an additional charge of USD$40 per person.
Note that this extension is only available to those who choose to travel out of DPRK by train at the end of the tour. The perfect way to end a tour of North Korea, and a unique look at a fascinating part of China!
(For the Dandong extension independent tour prices please click here)


Sinuiju overnight extension

Available only with train return from DPRK

Can be combined with Dandong extension

You can now visit Sinuiju, Dongrim, and stay overnight when you finish your tour in the DPRK by train travelling from Pyongyang back to Beijing – this is a 24 hour extension that offers a great way to see some sites in North Pyongan province; a rarely seen part of North Korea. Unfortunately these tours are still not available if you travel on a US passport. If this situation changes we will of course let you know immediately. We remain hopeful that in the near future this will become an option for US citizens. Please be assured we are working hard to make this happen Be one of the first, be one of the few, come with us and see what the city has to offer!

Available on all tours (group and independent) leaving Pyongyang by train, an optional 24 hour extension to the tour to explore Sinuiju and Dongrim!

Itinerary: Pyongyang-Dongrim-Sinuiju-Dandong

Day 1:
AM: The train departs Pyongyang at 10:40am and arrives in Sinuiju at 15:45.
PM: Here you visit the Sinuiju Revolutionary Museum before making your way to Dongrim via a visit to Sinamri cooperative farm. On arrival to Dongrim you’ll have the chance to do some hiking at the beautiful Dongrim waterfalls before checking into hotel for your overnight stay.
OVERNIGHT: Dongrim Hotel

Day 2
This morning the group heads back to Sinuiju for a tour of the city including Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory, where you can have a tour of the factory and have the change to pick up a few bargains at the factory shop! Stop off at the Sinuiju Folk Park, where you can mingle with picnickers, young couples promenading and retired folk sitting around discussing the issues of the day. There is time to take a look around the Sinuiju History Museum before lunch in a local restaurant.
PM: Next visit is the Railway Station Square with its bronze statues of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, and the excellent Art Gallery – finishing with a spectacular performance by the students at Sinuiju Kindergarten before crossing over the border by bus to Dandong, China at 17:30 (bus ticket price is extra 50 RMB or US$8).

Then you can either take the train back to Beijing
(departs Dandong at 18:30 local time) or extend your stay in Dandong to see the other side of the Yalu/Amnok River ( Dandong extension ).


Group tours: $250 per person all inclusive
Single supplement: $60 per person

Masik Pass Ski Resort


Available only during winter season

Newly opened first major ski resort in the DPRK, the Masik Pass Ski Resort, features 9 main runs and two beginners slopes. Be among the first foreign visitors and stay at the newly opened and very well equipped hotel, a very nice place to stay (has not available elsewhere in DPRK internet too for anyone looking to email their friends, or tweet from the middle of North Korea). Be one of the very first visitors to try out this much-reported but little-seen place. Whether you’re a keen skier, snowboarder, or just a fan of the après-ski, this is the tour for you! Let us know when booking if you would like to add this extension to your tour!

The additional itinerary overlaps slightly with the main tour:

AM PM Overnight
Day 0* Activities with the group Activities with the group and then in the late afternoon drive to the Masik Pass ski resort (3.5 hours) Masik Ryong Hotel
Day 1 (normal group departure day) / Skiing Skiing Masik Ryong Hotel
Day 2 Skiing Return to Pyongyang, final meal Yanggakdo Hotel,

*Last day of main tour.


This extension will add 2 nights to the existing tour itinerary; the cost per person will be $490 per person for this extension.
In addition to the tour fee you will have to pay on the spot for your ski pass and for rental of any ski equipment.
A ski pass plus to rent the full ski kit (helmet, goggles, gloves, jacket, trousers, skis, poles)  is approx. $100 per day.
If you only need some parts of this kit then the cost decreases. Snowboards are also available.


                                                                         HELICOPTER FLIGHT OVER PYONGYANG

The flight requires a minimum of 8 participants and has a maximum limit of 10 passengers.
The cost for the flight is $200 per person. If you wish to join in this adventure then you need to book this flight in advance as the seats will be given out on a first-come-first serve basis and of course dependent on good weather conditions. Refunds are given if the flight cannot take place and if the minimum number of passengers is not reached

Please also note that those taking part in the flight, will miss out on about two hours of the city based itinerary, but we try our best to ensure that nothing major is missed off.