About Us

Who we are?

New Korea Tours
is the only US based travel agency specializing solely in travel to North Korea (DPRK) and providing affordable and safe travel experience to this extraordinary destination.
We are in travel business since 1997, initially under Cruise Vacations name. We started New Korea Tours in 2005 in order to concentrate our focus on travel to North Korea as the most unusual, bizarre and unique destination. Now we are the most experienced US based experts in DPRK travel with hundreds of satisfied customers. As North Korea is not a common tourist destination, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with North Korean travel on our informative website and to read the “Travel Advice FAQ” and “Tour Rules and Tips” pages. We realize that those traveling to Korea for the first time may be concerned about issues of safety as well as the Korean perception of American travelers. We can assure you that New Korea Tours emphasizes safety and ensures that travelers reside in the best Korean hotels and tour the country with the most experienced guides. You will be accompanied by a western representative at all the time during the tour. Come to travel with us and will share with you our knowledge and genuine attachment to this unusual country and its people.

Why to book with New Korea Tours?


1. Our tour prices are the most competitive on the market without compromising quality of our tours and service – we provide good value for money.
2. Our tours are priced in USD. You do not need to worry about foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations and conversion fees.
3. We accept major credit cards. You get safe and convenient payment method and don’t need to worry about expensive bank wire transfer fees.
4. We do not have plane exit surcharge when return from DPRK for US citizens.
5. We mostly focus on American customers and provide easily accessible and prompt local customer service. Non-American customers are also welcome.